December 14, 2006

Socialism is Selfish

Chris Dillow of Stumbling and Mumbling points out just why Guardian writers don't get it about trade, they simply operate with a different basis of rationality.
Bibi’s question is about symbolic utility: what can we do to signal that we are not exploiting people? Tim’s is about causal utility: what can we do to help the poor? These are two different rationalities.
So the guardian writer is interested in image. They come with the mindset 'what can I do to increase my utility', by increasing their own personal social status in a game of who can be the most right on socialist. The classical liberal is interested in results. They come with the mindset 'what can I do to increase their utility' by helping the poor people get out of poverty. Or in other words Guardian style socialism is selfish and greedy. But we knew that already.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand how socialism can be selfish when there are millions of socialists out there fighting for people's right to have a decent standard of living, decent pay and conditions and the right to join a trade union. I understand that the Guardian type of socialist is but they are a neo-liberalist paper which echo capitalist agendas which is very selfish. In fact, I have read a lot of the socialist books such as Marx and they argue against being selfish because they want a fair share for all, isn't surely that unselfish in a big way? I am Robert Wooller from West Yorkshire.

11:55 pm  
Blogger chris said...

The Modus Operandi of Socialism is to take what it wants from whomever currently possesses it, whether they want to give it or not, in order that the Socialists can pursue whatever it is that they, the Socialists, want (such as killing 70 million people). Taking from others against their will to so that you can do something that you want is fundamentally selfish.

7:00 pm  

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